Collection: DEVYANI

Gulaal’s maiden collection is inspired by the roots of the founder’s Pahadi culture. Pahadi women, like any other in history, have adored delicately crafted jewellery as an essential item of their everyday attire. Devyani is a collection of intricate floral motifs on svelte silver that translates the ornamentation of pahadi women and their sense of ‘sringaar’ into exquisite baubles prevalent to urban women of today.
Devyani introduces a range of gulbands, a choker styled neckpiece on a velvet threaded red base, along with stunning pauhchis, chandrahaars and drop earrings. This collection boasts of light, wearable jewellery designed for everyday wear.
Made in India, handpicked and reworked by the master makers of silver jewellery and packaged and delivered to be cherished.

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